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This is a blog written by a cook for anyone interested in food or drink. Whether you do the cooking, eat out all the time (what, all the time?) or live with a cook and get to fill the dishwasher.

For cooks, there are answers to questions such as:

What can I do with (insert name of random food item).

What can I cook when I/they feel (insert state of mind).

What can I cook on (add special occasion of choice).

For those who don’t cook, I’ve written recipes that should be easy to follow. One day you will get to move on from the dishes.

And for cooks and non-cooks I’ve reviewed some places I like to eat/drink.

Hope you enjoy, share and add to my blog.



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Ingredient of the week: pumpkin

It's September, so we say goodbye to one orange fruit, the sweet and juicy or sometimes dry and in-need-of-a-good-roasting apricot and hello to that master of disguise, the not so humble pumpkin. Large and round, narrow and thin, orange or alarmingly red, it's no wonder the pumpkin is associated with Halloween. They've appeared on one market stall so far but they'll soon be everywhere. The only way to deal with this vegetable is to roast it and add it to risottos or top it with something cheesy, cheese perhaps, and some nuts for a bit of crunch. Recipes to follow...
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